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We offer ADULT and PEDIATRIC urgent care services to the cities of New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Colorado, Hawaii, Seattle, Dallas, Houston; including home, hotel room, workplace, business or elsewhere. Our mobile physicians bring medications, x-rays, stitches, splints and much more to you.

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Often we find ourselves mulling over the thought of whether to walk down to a doctor’s clinic or to call up a doctor for a house call appointment. We often do feel overwhelmed while making such a decision and in pursuance of easing your worry, this blog aims to make you understand which of the two options is better by stating a logical comparison between the two.

Being a time-honored tradition, house call doctors have been in practice since time immemorial and during the ancient times the professionals who practiced medicine used to come down to the patients’ house to treat them of their illnesses. Being specially imperative for those people who are confined to their bed or have problems transiting to the doctor’s clinic, house call doctors turn up to be a boon. With the modern generation preferring to visit the clinic or the shiny and classy hospitals, the doctors on house-calls had lost its importance.

Whether you are staying at a hotel or you are in your home, the usefulness, promptness, and favorability of the house call doctors , on the other hand, is now making them take a comeback. Instead of standing in long queues and trying to talk with the receptionist for hours just to book an appointment, people nowadays have started preferring to go for the house call service. Being absolutely convenient, the doctors on house-call are available only a call away. Even while you are staying at a hotel, all you need to do is book an appointment on your smartphone and within a short stipulated amount of time, the doctor will pay you a visit. Not only is this option hassle-free and convenient as compared with driving down to a hospital, the doctors on house-call provide more personal and patient-centric service that aids in saving your time and money. Providing the best quality service and unhurried care to the patients, the doctor on house-calls focus more on every patient’s needs and understand their problems in a proper manner by investing more time while interacting with the patients regarding his or her medical concerns.

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